“I first had the privilege of being introduced to the inter-linked concepts of behaviour, climate and organisational performance by Steve Glowinkowski 15 years ago...

...I am delighted that, at last, he has written “It’s Behaviour, Stupid”. This is a gem of a book which will deliver rich results to all who embrace it.”

Bob Mcguiness
Chief Executive, Serco Defense, Science and Technology, Serco Group Plc

"Steve Glowinkowski’s book It’s Behaviour Stupid is an outstanding contribution to the management literature. It is essential reading for any line manager if they want to drive performance and manage change. The insights derive from a career in change management and it is more than common sense, it is a distillation of the science of the management of change and practice. A must buy for any line manager."

Cary L. Cooper
Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Health at Lancaster University Management School

"I guess we all recognise that the more layers of management you have between yourself and the coalface of your business, the chances of your immediate personal actions making a difference to any or all of your frontline people on a day to day basis are greatly reduced. That is the challenge of leadership compared to management. This book describes tangible actions and measures that make leadership a reality rather than an oft discussed but seldom described concept. I have worked with Steve for many years, and have seen at first hand significant uplift in business performance when people are aligned to strategy. Steve’s integrated framework enables diagnostics and benchmarking of where you are on that journey, and suggests tactical options for the development of both individual and business performance along the way...

...Obviously it can not do the leadership job for you. But it will provide a greater degree of understanding of the practical things you can do to make a difference."

David Craggs
Support Services Director, Provident Financial

"Steve’s deep understanding and passion for his subject is evident on every page"

Jane Van Ammel
Group Director of Human Resources, De La Rue

"Steve’s work has made a positive and measurable difference to three organisations I have run, the many individuals and teams I have worked with - and to me. His integral framework is laced with both extensive analysis and masses of common sense. It also goes way beyond theory and provides real access to action. This book - provocative at times - will give you insights that will help you deliver for as long as you work with people and I commend it to you."

John Hirst
Chief Executive, Met Office

"I first met Steve Glowinkowski in 2006, as a reluctant participant in a meeting he was having with a colleague of mine. I have been an HR professional for some years and felt it was unlikely that Steve could show me something in the area of behaviour that I hadn’t already seen before . I am ashamed to say I was difficult in the meeting but Steve’s quiet manner yet robust responses to my questions raised my interest and when he offered me an opportunity to experience the tools that he uses I grabbed the opportunity. The work that resulted at both a personal and organisational level was the most powerful, compelling and yes- just useful and effective work I have done in my career.

This book makes his truly excellent work and research available to a wider and increasingly critical audience of HR professionals at the forefront of organisations, pushed to change in an increasingly difficult external market. His examples make the work come alive in a way that reinforces the excellent foundation of the work in research but makes tangible results achievable. This should book should be on all HR professionals desks - well thumbed and very used ! "

Julia Warren
Global Head of HR, Sales & Customer Services, Thomson Reuters

“Building successful winning teams doesn’t happen by accident. This book is a great read for all CEOs and Chairmen who want to have a structured approach to achieving success.”

Sir Malcolm Williamson
Chairman, The National Australia Bank Group Europe Ltd/Clydesdale Bank Plc/Signet Group Plc/CDC Group Plc

"At a time when uncertainty and depression rules, it is refreshing to find a book so focussed on the key characteristics likely to generate top business performance. The implication is that the solution to the current crisis lies in the next generation of modern business leaders and their skillsets as described so ably in this book."

Paul Manduca
Chairman, Aon UK Ltd

"The difference with the tools that Steve has developed from the many latest fads is that these actually work and deliver results, drive business performance and help to create a climate of success. As a by product, managers who have engaged with Steve’s work often tell me that they sense a real commitment to development as opposed to the bland ‘we care about talent’ platitudes seen in so many companies...

...It matters not that you are a ‘c’ level Exec or newly appointed team leader, applying these tools and methodologies will make a difference to your success...

...The next time you are staring at your latest staff survey results and thinking ‘what the hell’ - read this!"

Richard Beaven
Global Head of Change Programmes, Thompson Reuters

“I have worked with many of the ideas contained in this very practical book throughout my working life and therefore know that the approach adopted in Steve Glowinkowski’s book is not only actionable but one that will result in measurable and sustainable improvements in any organisation’s performance.”

Russell King
Chief Strategy Officer, Anglo American plc

“This excellent book will be an invaluable asset to school leaders.”

Professor Deborah Eyre
Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford