What do we mean by performance?
Chapter 1 focuses on ‘performance’. It is essential that there is a common sense of understanding about what this term means so it is considered from a range of perspectives and angles. In the commercial sector does this just mean raw profi tability or something else, e.g. growth, market share etc? In the social sector, e.g. in education, does performance simply concern exam results or is it also relevant to include some social aspiration, such as reducing the incidence of teenage pregnancies or lowering truancy through creating a learning environment in which kids wish to participate? From the point of view of individual employees, their attitude towards reward, development and promotion is considered. In reality, performance is the ultimate outcome of what the entity - be it company, hospital, university or individual - has set out to achieve in terms of its purpose and objectives.

Content of Chapter 1 covers:

  • What is organisational performance?
  • Measuring organisational performance
  • The difference between commercial and not-for -profit contexts
  • What is performance from the individual’s perspective?
  • The importance of motivation

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